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Commercial Conveyancing

Both company and partnership businesses can be many and varied.  They can often involve issues with regard to premises and personal licences. 

Taking a new lease or an assignment of an existing lease of business premises, can involve very complex issues and a prospective tenant or an assignee of an existing tenancy needs specialist advice on potential liabilities for dilapidations of premises and also responsibilities with regard to payment of rent and rent reviews of the future.

We are well able to give the advice which you need in these and many other areas involving commercial conveyancing.  We have clients who are property developers, of existing building units and development sites.  It is important at the outset to plan how you are going to achieve your objectives and, in the case of development with sales in the future, be aware of the potential requirements of any purchasers and their lawyers before being satisfied and proceed with a purchase within the development. 

We have the experience to be able to identify what you will need to proceed with effective, and hopefully successful purchase and sale of development property. 

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